Time to move forward with Clean Fuels

The Albany Democrat-Herald editorial that appeared in The News­ Review on Jan. 3 painted a one-sided and false picture of the Oregon Clean Fuels Program. In fact, the Clean Fuels Program makes both economic and environmental sense.

As the editorial stated, one of the program’s benefits could be to “give a boost to Oregon’s nascent biofuels industry.” That would be especially true in rural areas.

As County Commissioner Joe Laurance has pointed out, Douglas County has virtually unlimited potential for job creation, energy production, and biofuels for years to come because of its abundant supply of biomass.

The Clean Fuels Program will lessen Oregon’s dependence on dirty transportation fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and climate disasters such as extreme droughts and flooding.

It’s time for the Oregon Legislature to move forward to extend the Clean Fuels Program. It makes sense for Oregon’s economy and environment.

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